The Blacklist Season 4: What Shouldn’t Have Happened & What Needs to Happen

The Blacklist Season 4: What Shouldn’t Have Happened & What Needs to Happen

Let Me Be Blunt…

It is my opinion that season 4 of The Blacklist has been disappointing. Even the most devout fans began to lose interest and that includes me. Some fans left Blacklist Fandom for good. My thoughts on why…


A big bad fail… Alexander Kirk.

The Blacklist
After all the buzz about Alexander Kirk, the story line failed to deliver. Kirk was very reminiscent to Berlin. The only difference being the length of the hype. They didn’t hype Kirk for an entire season as they did with Berlin. But both villains fizzled in the end and for the same reasons. All hype or not enough hype…all bark and no bite.


The who’s your daddy baiting…again!

Raymond (James Spader) & Liz (Megan Boone), The Blacklist 3x07


The Blacklist
Never should have been. They put the cart before the horse. (And no, they were not forced to write the baby into the show.)


The spin-off, “Blacklist Redemption”.


THE BLACKLIST: REDEMPTION -- Pictured: "The Blacklist: Redemption" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBC)


Season 4 strayed away from the core mythos of The Blacklist in order to prepare and set the course for the spin-off.They bit off more than they could chew and The Blacklist suffered as a result. Too many fans simply did not care and preferred to see more of Spader.


Seemingly endless hiatuses.


No concrete truth.

The Blacklist
Ask yourself this question, “What have I learned in 4 seasons of The Blacklist that can be considered concrete truth?”

The answer is NOTHING. Throughout 4 seasons there are NO reliable memories or NO memory at all, only half truths, NO concrete reveals and NO real rewards for fans. And with it comes BOREDOM. Que drop in ratings and questionable renewal for season 5.It has been a test of our patience and our devotion to the show.


Overuse of the “mole” among us story line. Overplayed and played out.

THE BLACKLIST -- "Philomena" Episode 418 -- Pictured: Mozhan Marno as Samar Navabi -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

Limited Red and Liz on the job collaboration.

The Blacklist
There are some episodes that make you wonder why Megan even bothered to show up to work. And there are other episodes that questioned whether the show needed Agent Keen at all.


No confrontation between Cooper and Liz regarding her faked death and that huge betrayal of trust.


Ressler left out in the cold.

The Blacklist

Aram and Samar…are they or aren’t they?

The Blacklist
Before you attack me for my opinions, let me be clear…I LOVE The Blacklist. I believe it can and will bounce back. I hold true to the belief that just one sub-par season isn’t enough to break the camel’s back. This is why I am so excited about upcoming episodes 416 & 417. This is their chance to reward our patience and strengthen our devotion to the show. They MUST build a solid bridge between where they are now and season 5. Anything short of that goal will spell certain doom for The Blacklist.

Bottom line… They owe this to us and they MUST deliver.

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