The Blacklist Season 4 Rumor Central: What To Expect

Elizabeth Keen meets the man who claims to be her father, Alexander Kirk, in The Blacklist Season 4

The Blacklist Season 4 Rumor Central: What To Expect

There is no question that Season 3 was the most action-packed seasons of the series. The season came to a close with all the pieces to the puzzle crumbling out of place. Liz, Tom, and little baby Agnes have all been kidnapped by Alexander Kirk, who is claiming to be her father, Red’s has been betrayed by his closest ally, and all the tables have turned.

Now as Season 4 is just days away from premiering on our screens, it’s time to give you a look at what you should expect from this season. And if you want to stay away from spoilers, this is your SPOILER WARNING to close this tab now!


First off, let’s talk about the schedule for this season. Based on recent reports and filming schedules, it looks like they are taking the same course as last year and will have 8 episodes run from the premiere on September 22nd with the mid-season finale airing on November 10th. Also note Thursday Night Football on NBC begins on November 17th.

And while most people are excited about the spin-off series, The Blacklist: Redemption, there is a downside to it: a very long winter hiatus. The spin-off is looking like it will take The Blacklist‘s spot at 10/9c on Thursday nights beginning in January and will have 8 episodes that will take us to the end of February. This leaves The Blacklist having a break almost as long as this past summer’s break, which will be over 3 months. Yes, it will be another long wait that none of us want, but what we’ll get after that is 14 straight weeks of The Blacklist! There is always something to look forward to!

Remember this schedule isn’t confirmed, but you should expect something like this.

The Blacklist Season Premiere

The Season Premiere of the 4th Season is expected to be one of the biggest. Here’s what we know about it:

Since the very beginning, the question was always there. Is Red the father of Liz? In 4 days, we will have our answer. The producers and cast, as well as recent promos, have all said we will find out who Liz’s true father is in Episode 4×01. How that happens I don’t know. But I am very confident Liz will escape Kirk’s compound in Episode 1. It has been rumored that Liz and Red will have some screen time together, but not for long. Liz seems to be re-captured by the man named Mato, who kidnapped her, Tom, and Anges last season. She is then seen in a promo being dragged down to a beach and into a water where it seems to be she is put on a plane that is the water. In the promos you can also see Red running after her on the beach and then the plane flying over him and leaving.

The Rest of the First Half

Here is a list of some of the other things you can expect in the first half. Remember this is based on rumors, promos, and photographs from the set.

-The task force will be feeling angry and betrayed by Liz and it has been said each character handles the situation differently and will focus on each of them individually.

tumblr_inline_odmcpj8bt81tdnbq7_1280-Anges will be taken by the man named Mato and may be separated from Liz/Tom for a long time. In pictures for Episode 2, Mato is shown handing the baby to a woman named Romina. Thanks to a list of the cast posted by the actor playing the blacklister for Episode 6, the character Romina is still listed on the cast for Episode 6. Could she still have Anges? It is a good possibility.

-Liz should be escaped from Kirk by the end of Episode 3. Liz was photographed back with the task forced for filming of Episode 4.

-Alexander Kirk isn’t going away though. The actor, Ulrich Thomsen, was recently photographed on the set for filming of Episode 6 and has already signed on to the series for at least 8 episodes.

-We will learn about Liz’s past. We won’t get all the answers in one episode. It looks like we will gradually unravel her twisted past.

14359036_1090973467677616_1554693108455953240_n-Liz will find her mother’s old journals and this is rumored to be how she finds out about some of her past. Photos have surfaced with journals from the women who made them for the series. She writes, “Hey fans of the TV show The Blacklist, look for the book that I made for the show. It might look a slightly different because they are going to make it look old. It is going to be one of the main character’s mother’s journal. It is written in authentic Russian (I didn’t write it just bound it and made the cover). It will be on camera about 20 times throughout the series.”  Here is what the journal will look like:

-We will learn why Alexander Kirk has gone after her

-We will (finally) learn what Reddington’s connection is to Liz

-There will be a new main character introduced in Episode 3 named Elise. She is listed so far in Episodes 3,4,5, and 6, and could possibly be in more. Megan Boone did tease that there would be a big reveal in Episode 3.

And more. It is already looking like Season 4 is shaping up to be one of the best seasons yet. Don’t forget to tune in to the Season Premiere this Thursday, September 22nd at 10/9c on NBC. Until then, enjoy this teaser promo for the first episode!


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