The Blacklist Returns With All New Episodes on Jan 13th!

James Spader

The Blacklist Returns With All New Episodes on Monday, January 13th!

Where is Red?

And what about that oh-so-important question that Liz asks Red at the end of the last episode?

The mid-season finale of The Blacklist was full of action with many twists and turns.  By the end of the episode Red has escaped from his captors and his whereabouts are unknown.  But apparently he couldn’t complete his escape without making a phone call to Liz, telling her that he will be gone for  some time, but  will always be there for her if she is in need.  Liz asks him the question that many fans have been wondering:  ”Are you my father?”.  After a long pause Red answers “no”, but appears to want to say more.  He instead warns Liz to be careful of her husband, and hangs up.

At this point no one knows where Red is.  And he has denied that he is Liz’ father.  This leaves several questions for fans:  is Red lying?  If he is telling the truth, how does this fit in with the visit he had with Liz’ adoptive father?  And how will Red be found?   Only time will tell as we wait for the new episode of The Blacklist to give more clues for these questions.  January 13th can’t come quick enough!

Watch the clip below from to see how The Blacklist mid-season finale ended.


Red and Liz: The Mid Season Finale

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