The Blacklist Episode Preview: Tom’s Life Hangs in the Balance

315-09 FEATUREThe Blacklist Episode Preview: Tom’s Life Hangs in the Balance


I am sure there are a number of fans rooting for this episode of The Blacklist to finally do one of two things: reunite Tom and Liz for good, or forever tear them apart.


Can’t lie, I go back and forth between which camp I fly my flag in. I like the “bad” Tom much better than the person he was pretending to be in season 1. I thought that he and Liz had an interesting dynamic once all their secrets were revealed to each other. (Though part of me can’t help but wonder what else Tom knows and isn’t sharing).


Then there are times when I want to strangle him and his stupid decisions – like getting back into the life that has nearly killed him several times so he could provide for Liz and their baby. His naive way of thinking that Liz wouldn’t find out proves that he isn’t ready for a real life with a wife and kid. If he thought for one second that he could get away clean from Gina Zanetakos and The Major, he’s a bigger idiot than Raymond says he is.


Having gotten that off my chest, I don’t want to see the man die. I like Ryan Eggold and by extension, root for Tom Keen to stay around The Blacklist. If they are going to continue with the mysterious connection between Liz and Raymond, I still think Tom needs to be a point of contention and somehow play into that relationship. Besides Raymond, Tom knows the most about Liz (that we know of right now). So, my fingers are crossed that he sticks around, for at least a bit longer.


The founder of an Internet start-up is killed. Red suspects a notorious killer is at work, leading the task force to a dangerous underground news source. Meanwhile, Tom faces a life-threatening situation, and Liz contemplates options for her baby.

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The Blacklist 3×15 Promo: “Drexel”



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What are your thoughts on the Liz/Tom dynamic? Do you hope they raise the baby together after all, or would you prefer Liz be attending Tom’s funeral in an upcoming episode? Use the comments below or check out the fan forum to share your thoughts, theories and conspiracies!


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The Blacklist 3×15 “Drexel” airs on Thursday, February 18 at 9/8c on NBC.

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  1. I don’t necessarily want him to die, as I do think he makes an excellent villain, but I don’t want to see him and Liz together. It’s totally unhealthy, and I just feel like the Liz in season 1 and 2 was way too smart to go back to someone like that. I have this thought in the back of my mind though, that maybe she isn’t simply being dumb here, but maybe she’s playing him like he did her, so that she can get answers about her life/family that he apparently knows…in which case, do your thing, Liz!

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