The Blacklist 4×04 Gaia (No. 81) Recap: Mr. Kaplan, You in Danger, Girl!

Mr. Kaplan, You in Danger, Girl!

Cold Open

The BlacklistIn the cold open, we see a man tending to a garden, but then his nose starts bleeding and he attends to that in a rather disgusting way. Next we see him, he’s slipping something into the drink of a poor mechanic that results in his death.

Act I

The BlacklistLiz is looking through some paperwork when Kirk contacts her and promises access to a feed that will show her Agnes any time of the day or night. Tom and Liz argue about tracing the link. He is pro, she’s against. She wants to use the link to get close to Kirk and asks Tom to trust her. We see Red telling a story that introduces a stealth eco-terrorist named Gaia, which in turn leads Liz to brief the team. Red won’t say how the connection to Gaia will help them find Agnes. Aram and Navabi discuss her transfer and then she heads off with Ressler to look into a suspected act of eco-terror by Gaia, which points them to a spot inspector. Gaia is at it again with a pill dropped in a drink, this time for an inspector who works for a natural gas energy company.


After a quick peek at Mr. Kaplan, Aram tells the team that he checked other spot inspections and they find Gaia. Ressler and Navabi talk and she tells him she never knows if anyone will be there for you, and that is why she is transferring. Kirk has a meeting with a doctor who tells him that the blood transfusions are no longer working like they once were. A woman we haven’t seen before is also there and tells him the only way to save his life is to put that child’s in jeopardy, meaning Agnes. The team learns of the most recent inspector’s death and Navabi cuts Aram off in his explanation. It’s clear she doesn’t really want to be there any more. She and Ressler head off to the pipeline where the dead inspector was due and find Gaia, who makes a break for it. A man meets with Tom, calling him Martel, and Tom tasks him to trace the link, against Liz’s wishes.


The BlacklistThe team meet and determine what Gaia was doing at the pipeline. Red meets with our favorite DMV employee, Glen, who finds the man who made the fake ID badge for Gaia. Dembe calls Liz and they head to where Gaia hangs his hat. Liz uses her super power and before she can spin out about Agnes, Red assures her that they will get her back. They find tidal charts for the Hudson. Gaia bursts into a woman’s home who tells him he is violating the restraining order. He talks to a child who has some kind of deformity on his face. He tells the child, Sky, that they are leaving. Mr. Kaplan’s savior is revealed, but she doesn’t seem safe. Liz calls Tom and tells him she appreciates his trust; but she doesn’t know he is about to raid a house where they think Agnes is after backtracking the link Kirk provided.

Act IV

At the beginning of the next act, Liz is singing “Rock-a-Bye Baby” to Agnes through the link while Tom and the team he assembled break into a house where Agnes isn’t. Kirk takes away the feed while Liz begs him to bring it back. Mr. Kaplan’s “savior” helps her sit up so that he can help her eat. He asks if the men that did this to her are going to come back. Mr. Kaplan weakly says thank you. Red goes back to Glen and asks him to find the pregnant woman in the picture they found in Gaia’s domicile. Liz is trying to call Tom with no success. The team identify Gaia as Owen Ayers, a former helicopter pilot for the Navy. He was given a medical discharge from the Navy. The team makes the conclusion that Ayers is planning on compromising the nuclear power plant using a helicopter from a charter tour company that he now has access to because of the first death of the episode.

Act V

Ressler and Navabi try to get Ayers to give up what he’s doing, but he’s planned it out to the last detail and won’t stop now. Aram is trying to find a way to bring down his helicopter. Ayers claims that everyone who will die is getting what they have coming to them. Aram successfully hacks the helicopter but can’t bring it down because if he does so, the pilot will die. So, Cooper makes the final keystroke to down the helicopter. Aram says “I’m sorry,” but Cooper replies “For what?” He says “You did your job, and then I did mine.” Red meets Maya and Skyler, at a diner and she asks if Owen sent him. He says no, and that he’s also not with the police. A waitress delivers three milkshakes. Red says that he finds caramel to be a good lubricant for awkward introductions, and asks if Skyler wants to go thirds with them.

Act VI

The BlacklistRed tells Maya that all he wants is to meet with Skyler’s hematologist, alluding to the fact that there is a child who could be saved if he does. Aram tells Navabi nice work, and she returns with “you made the wrong call today.” Aram almost leaves but he decides to tell Navabi what he really thinks before he does. He tells her he’s glad she’s going and that she can’t leave fast enough. Liz and Tom fight over his failed op. Kirk holds Agnes and the woman seems to be making headway in her argument to use Liz’s baby. Red tells Liz about the doctor that Skyler Ayers and Alexander Kirk share. Liz comes clean about Kirk contacting her and the link. Liz and Red have a moment. Red “steals” Dr. Reifler and tells him that he will accompany him on his next visit to Alexander Kirk. The episode ends with Mr. Kaplan trying to get out of bed. We see a chain on her left ankle, and there is a clear Misery vibe.

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