The Blacklist 4×03 Miles McGrath (No. 65) Recap: Where in the world Is Agnes Keen?

Where in the world is Agnes Keen?

The Blacklist

Cold Open

This episode opens with scenes involving the titular character, as is typically the norm for The Blacklist. A team of operatives are pulling a job that results in a massive power outage in an as of yet unknown city.

Act I

Liz and Tom meet up with Ressler. They are after information which he is reluctant to give, but he eventually relents and tells them to dig in. Liz sees Aram and Agent Navabi and there is awkwardness between them. Aram is more forgiving and hugs Liz. Samar tells them she’s putting in for a transfer.

Red meets with Liz in a cemetery and she asks where Mr. Kaplan is. He tells her that she is in danger because of who she is, and that he has leads about agnes, but that he will be handling it on his own. He shuts liz out, but tells her about Miles McGrath. She goes to the task force and briefs them on Miles McGrath. Cooper decides to get eyes on McGrath who is in London. They snap photos of the men meeting with McGrath and begin to upload them to the FBI before they are killed. Quick cut to Mr. Kaplan who has survived her injuries thus far. She is covered in blood.


Reddington and Cooper disagree about how they have handled McGrath so far. Reddington scolds Cooper about getting the two Londoners killed and that he was very clear with Liz that they shouldn’t get involved. Cooper says like it or not they are involved now. Aram speaks with Agent Navabi about the picture that did not fully upload, and gets awkwardly sidetracked before she steers him back to his idea about how to get a full image from the photo.

Meanwhile, Tom and Liz meet with another FBI agent, and while she feigns getting upset, Tom palms something off his desk, and we see it’s actually an op! She fakes being a secretary to get the man guarding the evidence out of his office. She finds a diary that belonged to her mother and takes it. She goes back to where Tom is and he replaces the missing item from the desk before they take off. Aram uses symmetry to get a more complete image of the man meeting with McGrath. It turns out his name is Bradley and McGrath has him killed before he can lead anyone back to him. Johan Halbeck isn’t very happy about having his man killed and needing to find a replacement. Another cut to Mr. Kaplan and she has a strong will to live as she crawls along the ground to a stream. She looks in the water and it appears that the left side of her face is missing, but there is a shiny metallic reflection instead.


Ressler and Navabi chase the photo lead only to discover he was already killed before they arrived in London. They speak to Red about Dean Bradley, while someone is apparently being tortured in the background. Red starts to tell a story, but says oh nevermind and hangs up. He knows who leads the elite ex-Navy SEAL team and goes to meet with him, and we get another story in place of the first one. He tries to hire Johan for another job, but he tells him his woes about the current job and his ill-advised partner. Red says he’d offer a man, but it sounds like a real mess. He says to call him when he gets things sorted out, and before he can leave Johan stops him and asks if he can really get a man on such short notice. “Depends on my cut” says Red
The Blacklist Red goes back to Liz and Tom and tells Tom that he will be the extra man that Johan needs. Liz tells Red that he was in her mother’s journal. Tom turns on his chameleon skills and becomes the man that Johan needs, and he gets quizzed while Ressler and Liz listen in. “He’s good” says Ressler while Liz smiles proudly. Johan tells Tom he’s gonna kick the tires and they lose audio after a blow to Tom’s ear. Ressler almost orders the team to go in, but Liz says to wait. Tom reappears and Liz breathes a sigh of relief. A rottweiler discovers Mr. Kaplan near the stream and a man whose face we still cannot see finds her.

Act IV

Liz is reading her mother’s journal, trying to discover more about her through her own words. She’s interrupted by Tom when he wakes up, and she tells him what she has learned so far. They have a heart to heart about losing agnes and Tom being careful. Liz and Aram are in the task force office monitoring the situation while Ressler and Navabi monitor in person. Liz thanks Samar, but she isn’t ready to be friends yet. Aram tells her they all need time, that he doesn’t hate her, but he hates what she did. They rappel onto a moving train containing samples of every Class A infectious substance. The discover that the train is being moved due to the blackout from earlier in the episode and that the train is headed towards Philadelphia. Aram tracks the train until its signal disappears

Act V

The train is good and fully lost, and Cooper isn’t very happy. He tells the team to find the train. Tom tries to tell Aram that he will try to get location coordinates to him, but it’s unclear if the signal went through. Navabi and Ressler discover a second set of tracks created to divert the train to a hangar. They say they will take a look but are told not to go anywhere by Cooper. Of course, they ignore this, and spot Red arriving to meet with Johan. He asks where the man with one of the samples has taken off to. Johan tells him that he had another partner, and Red asks to at least speak to him and see about buying it back.
The BlacklistJohan seems fed up with the whole situation and says be my guest, and tells him where he can find McGrath. HRT moves in on Johan’s team and of course they just missed Red. At the Lodge where McGrath is, we hear him say that the Feds are Halbeck’s problem and that all that matters to him is that they are right on schedule. Red arrives to speak with him and when he proves less threatened than Red would like him to be, Red shoots the messenger…er delivery man. Red says, “You were saying?” but McGrath wisely doesn’t.

Act VI

The BlacklistRessler grills Tom about what is happening at the hangar. Tom tells Ressler that a sample is missing and that Red and Dembe went after it. McGrath tells Red that he doesn’t know where he is, but that he’s supposed to call to arrange delivery, which he does and tells Red. Red tells him not to think too much about the long game because the Feds are probably already on their way. McGrath doesn’t seem thrilled about being left handcuffed to the dead man. Cooper calls Red and tells him what the missing sample was. Dembe tells Red that there’s no one at the drop, and we hear a phone ringing in the background. Red and Kirk exchange compliments and Red asks how he knew he’d be there. Kirk claims to be the better man, but Red says he has what he wants, and will exchange it for Agnes. Kirk says he will die before Red ever holds his granddaughter again. Navabi is filling out her transfer request and calls Aram for help on it. He tries to hustle her off the phone when he hears the doorknob rattle. A girl enters his apartment and starts stripping off all her clothes (go Aram!) and asks about dinner or a shower first. Navabi quickly realizes that he has “company” and gets off the phone. She sends her transfer request.

Liz is reading the diary and imagining her mother when Red arrives and disrupts the reverie. He gives them the bad news that he lost Kirk. Liz says she knows why he wanted that virus, the men in his family have been afflicted with a rare blood disease, and that the virus could help extend his life. Liz says that no one could be that desperate but Red says he is because he doesn’t have her. He says “it isn’t about saving you from me, it’s about saving you for him” meaning Kirk. They realize that instead of Liz, he has Agnes. The show ends with Mr. Kaplan being dragged through darkened woods with a dog barking in the background.

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