The Blacklist 4×01 Preview: ‘Esteban’ Promo, Pictures & Synopsis

401-23The Blacklist 4×01 Preview: ‘Esteban’ Promo, Pictures & Synopsis


The Blacklist is finally back this week with the season 4 premiere episode, ‘Esteban’. Picking up right where we left off with ‘Alexander Kirk: Conclusion’, the episode will bring us back to the moment we learn that Kirk is Liz’s father. (Or IS he? Sorry, it’s been a long hiatus and I can’t help myself.)

Actually, I believe Mr. Kirk is telling the truth, and that he is Liz’s father. Blacklist creator Jon Bokenkamp says as much in a recent talk with EW on the new season. He also goes on to mention that what we will learn this season about Liz, is that it isn’t Reddington’s presence that is actually putting her in danger, but where she comes from.


Alexander Kirk is purporting to be Liz’s father. Should we actually believe he’s telling the truth?
I think so. I think he’s going to make an incredibly compelling [argument]. He certainly believes he is, and he is going to give Liz an incredibly, incredibly good argument, and he is going to open up windows into her past. He is going to show her things that Reddington has either skillfully avoided or not discussed. He has his own set of truths that I would certainly believe in. So, yes, I think we should believe him. I think we should take him at his word. It’s one of the biggest — I don’t want to say bombshells — but it’s one of the biggest windows into the truth about the core mythology of the show that we’ve had. It is certainly not a trick.

Source: EW

You can find the entire interview between Jon Bokenkamp and Entertainment Weekly here. There is a lot of great questions and answers about not only this upcoming season 4, but some intel on The Blacklist: Redemption.

The Blacklist 4.01 Synopsis, Pictures & Promo

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What we can expect from episode 4×01: ‘Esteban’.


After Liz (Megan Boone) is abducted by a man claiming to be her father, Red (James Spader) sets out to find her at any cost. Meanwhile, the Task Force grapples with the shocking news that Liz is still alive.

Source: NBC


For those of you who were holding out hope that the Liz-Red connection would finally be explained. That one you may have to wait a bit longer for. In the above mentioned EW interview, they ask Bokenkamp about revealing that secret. He says that to fully be able to understand the depths of that relationship, you are going to have to wait until the end of the series. No one wants that to happen yet, so personally I am ok with waiting.


I think the truth is that the whole mythology, we’re not going to really have a full understanding of it until the show’s done and we’re going to withhold that.


So, even though that central mythology may not be on the horizon, I believe we are in for one hell of a ride in season 4.



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