Rumor Central: Is The Death of Mr. Kaplan Upon Us?

The Blacklist - Season 4

Is The Death of Mr. Kaplan Upon Us?

She’s been with us since the beginning. She’s been by Reddington’s side through all the thick and bloody situations. But will this fascinating character of Mr. Kaplan be killed off in next week’s episode?

Many are arguing, yes.

In the season premiere, Red was already furious at his former closest ally, after she betrayed him in last seasons finale. When she would speak, he would just simply ignore her or tell her to go sit in the car. Even at a desperate time to try to save Liz, he told her to stay put. The tables on their relationship have definitely turned.

So why could we think Kate’s time on the show will be coming to an end?

Red was already at odd’s with Mr. Kaplan when they got Agnes back. Now that she has lost her, yet again, this may bring Red’s fury to whole new level. Could he actually pull the trigger on her?

There also seemed to be some foreshadowing of her death at the end of the premiere. As the man named Mato once again took Agnes away and into his hands, he kissed his fingers and then put them on Kate’s lips as she slowly closed her eyes, almost as he knew what he was doing was going to cost Kate her life.

Another piece of evidence to Mr. Kap’s death? The new promo for episode 4×02, both from NBC and Global TV claim it will be shocking episode and that we should brace ourselves, “for one surprise, after another, after another, after another.”

And then in another promo from Global TV, it shows Mr. Kaplan walking around Red as the scenery seems so pitch perfect with the flowers and the sunlight. Almost like a set-up for an even bigger tragedy. “I betrayed Raymond. He doesn’t know what to do with me,” she says in the promo. With the text “And one thing, you never saw coming,” Red says to Kate, “I can’t trust you. Ever.”

So, will Mr. Kaplan’s road come to an end next week? You’ll have to tune into The Blacklist next Thursday at 10/9c on NBC!

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