In Their Words: Top 10 of the “Blackest” Blacklister Quotes


In Their Words: Top 10 of the “Blackest” Blacklister Quotes, Part 1


“You’re not as smart as Reddington says. My friend, he is always so obsessed with you.
I’m not sure why.”
-Ranko Zamani


“I heard that you fitted the FBI with strings, and now they hang upon your hip like a hatchet.
But they can’t keep you safe from someone like me, Red, someone who sat in blackness for five years Five years thinking about the pain I was going to inflict on you while slowly breaking your will, your body, and finally your mind.”
-Anslo Garrick


Nature. It’s the transference of energy. Energy cannot die. It can only be transformed.
– The Stewmaker


“They say he started in the Red Army and then the KGB, and he was notorious for sending off his enemies to the war camps in Siberia. Then, towards the end of the Cold War, some stories began to circulate that his daughter had fallen in love with a dissident. She was captured, imprisoned. But, you see, the Colonel– he knew his way around. He arranged so she could escape. When the Kremlin found out, they decided to make an example of him, so they sent him off to Siberia to rot away with his enemies. It is said that they could hear him every night praying for his daughter’s safety, that she would never be found. And one day, something arrived in his cell. It was a pocket watch he had given his daughter, and inside was a picture of her. And a few months later, something else arrived– her ear. And then a finger. His enemies sent her back to him piece by piece. No one knows how he did it, but he did– some say that he carved a knife from one of his daughter’s bones– and slaughtered all the men that had held him captive for so many years. Then he vanished disappeared A ghost hunting, searching for the man responsible for his daughter’s death. The man you’re looking for is not on those photos. The man you’re looking for was never on the manifest.”
– Berlin


“I know who you really are, Raymond. Who you are to her. And I know why you did this.”
-The Director


“This conspiracy has as its goal one key objective– to inflame tensions with Russia and return the world to a Cold War posture. In an effort to accomplish this, members of the conspiracy framed FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen, making it appear as if she were a Russian sleeper agent. These crimes were actually committed by an assassin known only by his code name, Karakurt. And I am proud to announce that due to outstanding work by some of this country’s best and brightest, led by Special Agent Donald Ressler– Karakurt is now in federal custody. What about the Attorney General? It saddens me greatly to say this, but the evidence overwhelmingly shows that Tom Connolly, the Former Attorney General, was a key member of this Cabal. And while Ms. Keen did fire the shot that killed him, earlier today a judge accepted her plea to the charge of involuntary manslaughter, approved by us, along with mandatory probation. We have to now face the hard truth there are enemies of America within our own ranks. In fact, just a short time ago, I learned that the Director of the Clandestine Services of the CIA, Mr. Peter Kotsiopulos, is also part of this conspiracy and has apparently fled the country.”
– Laural Hitchen


“Death is a process. No one is really dead until the information contained in the brain is lost. Cryonic preservation prevents that loss.”
– Sir Crispin Crandall


“These were people. My friends. They were criminals who were taken down by the Bureau. With the help of a man you call Raymond Reddington. He’s an imposter. He’s using you.”
– Mr. Gregory Devry


“Is it really worth it, this job? Risking your life for what the privilege of living in some crappy studio apartment? They own you.”
– General Ludd


“See, George I believe that the only way that an abuser can truly understand the experience of the victim is to have that experience themselves. And that’s what you’re doing here today, George.”
– The Good Samaritan Killer

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