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Peter Kotsiopulos and Mateus Solomon

lord z
Wed, 07 Oct 2015 22:16:02 GMT

They finally gave the Director a name and a so called reason they do not use it. Peter isthe Director whose name appeared in the Fulcrum apparently with Mateus and several other well placed individuals now angry at Peter for not taking Red seriously about the file or its existence. Suddenly, Peter is living at the leisure of the Cabal, as expected when it became clear that he planned to take out Lizzie as well as Red. Note that the moment Liz showed Peter the Fulcrum the question of did it exist and what did it contain went out the window and still Peter used his office to find out Masha was not dead and to implicate Liz in blowing up that office killing 14 CiA agents. It is not until the Agents are dead that we learn from their CI that people were already asking about Masha. As Peter already knew who Liz was, (he told her as much) the only reason to look for information on her would be to make the trail fresh for after Liz is accused of killing Senator Hawkins. Now the plan to take out Hawkins has to go back to Cooper was attacked at the end of season one as the s ame doctor who infected the Liz also infected Cooper to make him think he had a brain tumor This makes it likely that Cooper and not Liz was the initial mule. But then Lizzie threatened the Director and poof magically, the bomb is set up for the CIA with Liz's finger prints on it and Liz is infected not Harold. This implies that the whole assassination attempt was approved long before the Reddington thing was and Solomon is most likely there because to disassociate the Cabal from Keen & Reddington, if possible. Note: the attack on Dembe not so much a warning as it was an attempt to open communications. I am feeling a possible Jesus overlay here two of the thirteen apostles showing up for Lizzie's crucifixion. Peter hold the keys to heaven as the Director and Mateus is out spreading the word of the Cabal. it would not surprise me if Mateus is the one who placed the 40 million dollar bounty on Red's head and now needs to make sure Red knows it has been removed. Dembe having been there for the King ordeal would be a good person to tell Red the detente is back on. Either that or He thinks he can infiltrate and take over Red's organization. The name Kotsiopulos leads you no where as it is not a word and the most famous person by that name seems to have been a fashion designer. The name Solomon on the other hand leads you to the Judgment of King Solomon who was known for offering to split a baby to find out the truth of a paternity. Fitting that he should kidnap a baby to get Dembe to come to him and poison the baby to get Dembe to cooperate, showing Dembe is not without true compassion, something viewers already know about Dembe. But king Solomon was first and foremost know for his wisdom and judgement, begging the question, who all is being judged here, Liz, Red, Peter,...? and what if the truth Matteus discovers is worse than the lies Peter has been telling the past 25 years, the same lies that lead to the death of Alan Fitch and Diane Fowler among others. Red has been the scapegoat for many a killing not all of which he had a choice in the matter. Perhaps Matteus is here to change this and drop all the evidence at Peter's doorstep, hoping the investigation ends in the US.