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Eli, Sam, Djinn and Solomon

lord z
Fri, 16 Oct 2015 15:06:37 GMT

The season is going into full on Biblical mode, or so it seems Take Note as the next episode of season 3 deals with Djinn, a blacklist of mythical if not magical powers who may be either the slave to or the bane of Solomon. Story has it that the Djinn or Djinni was a magical being that could not be handled by anyone but King Solomon because of a ring God gave Solomon but that the ring was lost for a while and in that time Solomon hid from the Djinn. I have already posted on the likely connection between Solomon and King Solomon being a search for the truth, and now Red confirmed that it is Red's plan to get the Cabal to turn on Peter, the director, over Peter's lies. Now that Dembe is presumed missing and it appears that Solomon took Dembe, it makes sense that Red will want some leverage on Mateus and Djinn seems the most likely choice. As for Sam, that was the name of Liz's dad and also the name of a Hebrew judge who came after Eli when Sam's mother prayed to God to have a child.(Implication Liz may be pregnant, given her last night prior to killing Connolly involv ed some impromptu and probably unprotected sex with Jacob. Eli was a judge whose family was punished for their sinful ways by having all the men die young. I am not certain but it seems there may be an implication that the Cabal are like the Philistines and at some point God will want vengence upon them. There is also the implication Jacob has seen the face of God in his days. Oh and it looked like Red kept a Rembrandt in the container, a portrait looking like Saint Michael or the Angel of God or ever Saint George the Dragon Slayer but my guess would be the middle as that is the Angel who wrestled with Jacob and there is a Rembrandt similar to the painting in the trailer