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Dembe, Youngest Grand Pa possible

lord z
Wed, 07 Oct 2015 20:29:12 GMT

30 years ago a six year Old Dembe was orphaned by the Mombasa Cartel. Now we learn that in that time he has a Daughter who in turn has a daughter making Dembe a 36 year old Grandfather This is barely believable as both the mothers would have to be under-aged at the point of pregnancy. Add to this the fact the Dembe was in college or by Red's side for most of Dembe's adult life and you can see how this news seems implausible. Dembe would have 3 years to get himself together after being rescued by Red from that Brothel and get a girl pregnant who would deliver him a daughter who would in time live in the United States, get pregnant with another person as yet unseen and deliver a granddaughter who looks to be at least 10-12 months in size. Somebody has lost his mind here and it is not me. It is fair to say Dembe hardly sees this family.