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Berlin and Liz

lord z
Sun, 27 Sep 2015 04:42:22 GMT

it dawned on me the similarity in how the Decemberist set up Berlin and How Liz was set up for the CIA factory blowing up. A small number in each case blown up to make it look as though it was done by the other side US then Russia. Fitch being dead makes me question if he ordered Red be fingered for the attack and Berlin's daughter or if the Director ordered the set up to establish Fitch's loyalty to the Cabal. Alan seemed to be the only one believing Red ever had the Fulcrum and that the Cabal created the file. When Braxton was sent by the director to find the Fulcrum it was clear that at one time the file was in the hands of the Government and may still be. Fitch did not know that red had the fulcrum in whole or in part but he did know Red would neat Lester's help to operate it. Fitch's Russian apartment held a contact for Caul who told Liz Alan was not trusted by the Director. Fitch basically sent Red to China to form an alliance which most likely lead to Red finding Braxton and preventing Luther from finding what the device looked like. and where the pieces of the machine were kept., most notably the bubble chip. Red most likely moved the trigger and the uplink but the chip was presumed trapped in Liz's memory. The Cabal took it from Red killing Luther that Red did not have it .The attacks started then.First Red's FBI friends, then Red, finally Liz, but not until she proved the Fulcrum did exist. The FBi was protecting Red so the Director used CIA to frame Liz. Like with Red 25 years ago Liz took all the blame for the killings.