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Wright and Ressler

lord z
Mon, 28 Sep 2015 22:14:08 GMT

Hard to imagine the season starting out with Reven as the acting Attorney General and Donald as an acting Director of the task force. Let us remind ourselves of the Harbor master murder in which Donald, not Liz lied to Reven about the identity of the Berlin source being Reddington and not Tom. It is surprising given Reven's being lead counsel on that case that she would not hold it against Donald. Let's face it his current assignment is to apprehend the person he perjured himself for. Doubt "the Director" will leave the FBI as is, or leave Reven in charge if she does not disband the Reddington Team. Connolly pointed out before he died that the Cabal had something on all of the Team. Imagining Reven is no exception. BTW the names are funny Don Ressler as in DON Wrestler, and Reven Wright as in Poor but Right