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Jacob Phelps and Tom Connolly

lord z
Mon, 05 Oct 2015 08:04:08 GMT

Not sure now many people paid attention to the last meeting between Jacob and Liz but after they have sex after Lizzie is already infected, she takes Tom's gun from under the table and sets out. This makes the murder weapon Tom's gun and most likely makes Tom a carrier or the virus

Mon, 05 Oct 2015 14:48:28 GMT

Oh wow! I didn't notice that... So do you think that is how Jacob ends up coming back into the picture? Maybe because he realizes he is infected and needs Red to secure a cure>

lord z
Tue, 06 Oct 2015 11:02:48 GMT

The virus only kills one person and he is dead do no, More likely the Aimes trial will be revisited when seeking to clear Liz, as in Denner,now sitting on a higher level bench will be tasked with convicting Liz but the murder weapon is not hers ; and what's more, Jacob actually did work for a KGB ex operative, he may be carrying the same virus so no telling who gave it to whom. He could have infected Lizzie, or so the argument goes. He already confessed to one murder. The government had him in custody and Connolly let him walk which cost Connolly his life. Of course fist they have to get Liz out of the Russian Embassy, before they kill her. If I were writing this I would take Jacob into custody and extradite him to the US to flip the Aimes case figuring Liz find away to return the favor and turn herself in for Connolly's killing bringing for the evidence of the Dr at the train station and Connolly with the Dr. Remember Denner hates the idea of government officials thinking they are above the law. What a big surprise that the one case the Cabal hopes never sees a court room is the one case he gets to set things right. Let's face it the fact they both could have killed the senator and creates enough reasonable doubt to demand consideration, and at the same time provide reason to examine the facts of the matter, namely the weapon used to kill the senator was engineered by a doctor in the employee of Connolly, a member of a supposed shadow government recently exposed. With the Cabal in the press including the Director it would be simple to discredit any attempts to railroad Liz at this point. Plus imagine the look on Denner's face when Liz confesses to shooting both Connolly and her Father. I would suspect the Judge says "is he really dead or is this like when you killed you husband? ... And where did Reddington fit in all this? It would not surprise me if Solomon uses this matter to seize control of the Cabal from Kotsiopulus. ( A bit curious to find out if Mateus is from Johannesburg and whether he put the bounty on Red's head) Guess we will have to wait and see.