Fan Reaction From Around the Web for The Blacklist 4×02 & 4×03


Fan Reaction From Around the Web for The Blacklist 4×02 & 4×03


The season is off to one heck of a start! Check out to see what fans are saying about the latest two episodes of The Blacklist, ‘Mato’ and ‘Miles McGrath’.


The Blacklist 4×02 “Mato”


Josee Bouchard
I think Kirk was suspecting Liz to be his long lost daughter when he saw her on the news but was not sure about that. this is why he trapped her and was referring to her as the “girl”. He wanted to confront her, to test her… He was afraid that it was a trap led by Red. With the plane crash and seeing her reaction at the palace, he is now convinced Liz is really Masha. Even Liz is doubtful about Kirk now… This would explain him talking to Red in next week preview as not letting him touch his grand daughter. It is the first time that he call Agnes his grand daughter…

This is my logic… Maybe Kirk was an absent father when Liz was a baby and maybe Liz is in fact Red’s daughter. This would explain why Liz does not have Kirk as a father figure in her memory…maybe she was also seeing Red more often than her own dad… Maybe Red does not know for sure that he could be his bio father… Maybe Red was Katherina lover and spent a lot of time at the palace… could it be that Kirk took revenge on Red´s family for the lost of Katherina and Masha? I am more and more convinced that Katherina fake her death to escape both Red and Kirk…


Rachel Towns
Two things have come to mind with the Mato episode:
1. Who is Annie? Was that Kaplan’s daughter who died? Was she attacked in the street?
2. I know that Red feels betrayed and we are going to see a darker side of him this season, that’s pretty obvious, I personally love the light hearted and fiery Red, but I get it… but that actually beings to mind a 3rd thing…
3. When is Liz just going to get pissed at Red and go all either TELL ME OR GET OUT!? Because if I was her, in this next episode, I’d be like ok, you got what you wanted, you’ve hurt/killed the person who tried to help me and you still want to keep your mouth shut? At some point Red is going to have to talk. So, I’m looking forward to that heated conversation!!


Dorothea Carney
More questions: 1. If Kirk was Katerina’s husband and he is alive, whose death was Katerina lamenting over in Cape May?
2. This was the 2nd time, I think, that there was mention of Mr. Kaplan knowing Liz as an infant. What’s that about? 3. Are we going to turn against Red….could he really be the bad guy? I sure hope not!!!


Susanne Hinkle Patterson
I think Liz’s room at the summer palace is fake…a set up. There are duplicates of things. The mother daughter photo and others. Check this out…The picture on the right is the drawing Red finds in the trunk at Dom’s house. The picture on the left is the drawing LIz found in her “room” at the Summer Palace. They look the same but take a closer look. There are slight differences. It appears someone attempted to duplicate the drawing but didn’t quite get it right on the details.

Did we get a timeline clue? Look closely at the scar on little Lizzie’s wrist. Yep, it’s there!!! This could suggest that this memory occurred after the fire! It could also suggest that Liz’s memory continues to be unreliable. Or it could mean Kirk is simply playing with her head. Either way, it means something because they took the time to make this a very visible clue.


Pauline Vaughn
In this episode we learned some of Red and Kate’s backstory. One part of it is that Red handed Liz over to Kate when she was a baby. Not sure yet what was the context, and what this means. But it would seem clear that Liz was given into Kate’s custody long before the fire.
The second part of the backstory comes from when Kate said to Red about when she was laying in the street with a catastrophic head wound. Kate said something about “Annie’s” body laying next to her. The assumption is that Annie” was dead. Now we know from “Dr. Linus Creel” (E204) that Kate had been sleeping with a woman. The context of this comes when Kate is examining an exhumed body to check the corpse’s internal organs. She and Red were talking about a visit to someone, and Red was (typically) mentioning food — some kind of soup. He asked Kate if she remembered this, to which Kate replied “How can I forget. I was sleeping with his sister”. Why am I bringing this up? Well, we’ve all been wondering why Kate wears a wedding band. Although gay marriage wouldn’t have been legal at the time of “Annie’s” death, could Kate have been in what she and “Annie” considered a marriage for all intents and purposes? They could have both worn wedding bands, and Kate was still wearing hers as a widow.


The Blacklist 4×03 “Miles McGrath”




Emma Eytcheson
I think Kirk thinks he’s the father of Lizzie but in fact Red had an affair with Lizzie’s mother. I think the result was Lizzie. I think that Red puts Lizzie and the baby in jeopardy if Kirk found out. I believe they both agreed not to tell Kirk. Kirk would kill them both. That’s why Kaplan says Red should stay out of Lizzie’s life to keep the secret safe. Of course Kirk will figure it out since he is suffering from a disease and the baby can’t save him.


Hillary Nicole
If Kirk “only” needed a biological donor/offspring to cure the Robowski virus- a man like him could have “easily” had the means to have another offspring…unless he’s sterile and cannot have children? Another question as to if Liz is really his biological daughter. I also keep thinking about Red’s line to Kirk through the one-way mirror, in S4E1, “she wasn’t yours to have!”


Shaiv Krishna Jaiswal
I still firmly believe that liz is not masha but Jennifer Reddington, Red swapped the identities of both children so that he can fulfil his promise to Katarina (keep masha safe)& be with his daughter too at the same time.


Sue Anthes
Am I alone here….I want Elizabeth to get crazy! She needs to get proactive…all this wishy washy does not work. Tom is balls to the walls and she is ….not. She is getting more proactive..but I feel this is showrunner error. We are all tired of the Daddygate thing..Let this get resolved and move on..yes Constantin wants Liz or her baby for blood cells…creep that he is. Yes Red ….is in the room when Liz says she has her mother’s journal and he does not care. I am getting oh so tired of all of this..give us the name…most of us have already made our minds up….just give it up. BUT please please give us the solution for Mr Kaplan. Was she taken by mountain folks? Will she be OK? Please tell us…do not make us go to the end of the season to get any freakin’ answers.


Shaiv Krishna Jaiswal
Look samar & Donald what have you done , our aram is sleeping with another woman , if you people got so emotional in the Hassan episode why didn’t you go out for a Samosa or chhola bhatura Dinner that spicy food at least would’ve cooled you down, now see what aram is doing, for shame you two – for shame.


Zara Gordon Kingma
Watched Blacklist like the committed junky I am… this past week is one of the first times I haven’t watched the episode on premier night… It has been hell not seeing posts or reading spoilers… but as I sit here tonight I weep. Wtf?? I LOVE RED. However, WTF!?!?! Yes I know Mr. Kaplan hurt Red… but she dedicated her life to him… I would have never thought he would do this… at this moment my feelings have shifted and It bothers me because I am a normally loyal to the core… right or wrong… but this has me heart broken.


Robert Craft
Do you think they shot Kaplan and ruined her relationship with Red to add her to the spinoff?
Her and Tom has a new relationship after her helping them also Scottie might be able to protect her from Red or at least work out something with Red. I think Kaplan is a popular character and putting another familiar face on the show would help it.


Graham Keatinge
I don’t know about all of you, but I personally felt savage pleasure at watching Samar discover that Aram isn’t going to be at her beck and call and actually has a romantic life of his own……probably shouldn’t have friendzoned the poor guy Navabi!

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  1. I just can’t keep but wondering Redd is a crack shot but he only grazed her head did he may be do it on purpose I don’t think he misses

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