Conspiracy Corner: Fan Reaction to The Blacklist “Alexander Kirk”

fan conspiracy cornerConspiracy Corner: Fan Reaction to The Blacklist “Alexander Kirk”


Fan reaction from around The Blacklist Facebook Groups for the last episode, “Alexander Kirk”. If you want to throw your opinions into the mix, use the comments below, or feel free to check out any of the groups listed.




I got a little freaked out last night, I thought Tom was about to get hit on by his mom. Solomon is not dead, there was blood on the floor when the Turkish police entered the pharmacy, but no body. Last night was a good one, next week’s previews look even better.

David Shultz, The BlacklistTV


The beach seems to be a recurrent theme here. Cape May. The beach where Christopher Hargrave was kidnapped. Tom’s love of the beach. Remember he bought that boat. I don’t remember Liz ever speaking of beaches, other than that is where she wanted Tom to bring the baby. Didn’t he bring up the idea of them all moving to the beach when they were discussing their future plans? Liz wanted Tom to bring Agnes there, even if “things went sideways.”

Sheila Snover, Clearing the Red Tape


Anyone else feel Bokenkamp and Eisendrath have taken their eyes off The Blacklist ball and have little or no interest in clearing up what connects Red and Liz and really have no interest in The Blacklist show anymore, I feel the ” Mothership” has taken a backseat for this supposed spin off, I feel so sorry for James and Megan if that’s the case.

Lou Lou McLellan, Clearing the Red Tape



What do y’all think the significance of this shot is? It’s from a Global TV commercial. Maybe he needed Liz for some medical condition? I’m assuming that the guy is Alexander Kirk.

Sharon Ellard, Ya know, that show called THE BLACKLIST


Loved the episode! Just finished it. Couple of things… 1. I now trust Tom 100%. 2. That look on his face when he was watching Scottie at the end talking about her son was just so ❤️❤️❤️ and 3. That news completely took me by surprise. Awesome show! And I’m in on the spinoff if they do it!

Stephanie Critcher, Ya know, that show called THE BLACKLIST


I think the betrayal to Red is going to be Cooper. I think with Liz’s death, Scottie’s comment on how the task force has made Red richer and more powerful than ever and then Cooper making the comment about Red owning the President now makes me think that he’ll think the Blacklist is no longer worth what it costs and betray Red. He might not be able to arrest him but he can hand him over to another country possibly or get the US to revoke Reds deal.

Robert Craft, Ya know, that show called THE BLACKLIST


Overjoyed to say, I really liked it! Now, in terms of a Blacklist episode it wasn’t much, and I missed James Spader terribly, but the Scottie character really grew on me, and if as I assume this was all the vibe for the new show, I’m finally excited for it grin emoticon It had suspense, humour, shockers, action, the whole package. Solomon’s in no way dead IMO, but Tom shooting him was SO great grin emoticon Oh, and it made me think Tom doesn’t know about Liz being alive (if she is). Unless she’s in a coma or something. He was way too vengeful. All in all, very happy this week.

Aleksandra Meyer, The Blacklist Exposed


  1. I think Liz is still alive and this was planned but who knows? the writers do lol. Liz is still alive and so is her mother and red is her father he has to be and tom will keep a good eye on Agnes Keen to make sure nothing happens to her and his mother will find out he is her son and she will be so happy that her little boy didn’t leave! Twitter- @meganeggold (Ryan follows!)

  2. What an excellent show. Not sure about the spin off yet, because I am a huge James Spader fan, he does an excellent job being Reddington. You can’t tell who’s who with him. I do not like Scottie at all. I will at least give it a chance. Writers keep it up. But show more Reddington and Liz.

  3. Kirk needs Liz and her baby, its likely based on the blood transfusions he is getting that he has some disease and hopes the baby and Liz can provide a cure. Fruther Kirk may not be the father its clear Red had some relationshio with her mother. That may place Liz and Baby in more danger of they are of no use to Kirk as a source of cure.

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