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The Blacklist Fan Site was founded in 2014 in service and dedication to one of the best shows on TV! Since then, the site has grown in leaps and bounds thanks to the Fandom of Blacklisters that work tirelessly to theorize and debunk the mysteries the show presents. The site has great partnerships with a variety of other outlets that help us to take the web by storm, but here we’d like to introduce you to the faces behind the red curtain.


IMAG1101J. Ryan, Editor

Writer of stories. Watcher of TV. Opinionated blogger with an obsession for horror, sci-fi and good, old fashioned ghost stories. Outside of TBFS, you can find me writing as a Verified Creator for Moviepilot, covering Supernatural for FanFast.com or over on on TWDFansite. You can find me Facebook or Twitter for your daily dose of sarcasm and memes reflecting my love of coffee.




12620488_1089121304453270_947438974_oPaula Courtney, Contributing Music Writer

Based in the UK. Few TV Series have grabbed my attention like The Blacklist, part of that being the often unexpected soundtrack choices. I am enticed by the exceptional skills of the writers and cast especially the intense portrayal of Red Reddington by James Spader. I am a music fanatic, I love to explore different genres and finding out what people I admire, are listening to. Check out my interviews about people’s music tastes at: absolutemusicchat.com and follow me on Twitter where I like to retweet my audio pleasures and support new music.

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